How To Use LinkedIn Pulse

LinkedIn has proved to be a winning platform for many B2B companies. According to DMR, as of October 2016, LinkedIn has about 467 million users. Its many features such as Groups, multi-media features (i.e. work examples, photos and videos) and endorsements. All of these are great, useful tools, but one feature gets overlooked constantly. It’s called LinkedIn Pulse. LinkedIn Pulse is LinkedIn’s self-publishing platform.

LinkedIn Pulse can elevate a company’s marketing efforts to the next level by allowing in-house company experts to author posts and share them with professional networks and new and existing customers. Gary Vaynerchuk, CEO of VaynerMedia & best-selling New York Times author, uses it to increase awareness about his brand by reporting and commenting on everything from personal to branding to Instagram storytelling.

Any LinkedIn user can publish to LinkedIn Pulse, but can prove to be a game changer for companies who want more exposure beyond the typical company blog. Users just simply write an article, add a photo and write a grabbing headline and then they areĀ  on their way to accessing the millions of LinkedIn users who browse articles for industry insights and advice. Pulse authors can control the content other users see on their Pulse feeds, but trending content and posts that users have Liked can also get highlighted. They key is getting exposure to LinkedIn’s massive audience, where companies can reach customers and influencers that you won’t be able to reach through typical blogging or other social media channels.


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