Texas Department of Tourism

Positioning • Communications • Strategy

The goal of this study was to understand perceptions of the popular Travel Guide and Accommodations Guide (sent to those inquiring about Texas travel and vacations), as expressed by users and nonusers, in terms of how people use the guides, what information was essential, and what might be of value to them when planning a vacation. Additionally, the client and its agency wanted to clarify the values as well as disadvantages of keeping the two guides separate and combining them into one guide.

Saurage Research conducted a tier-based quantitative, web-based survey with Travel Guide requestors and qualitative research using online bulletin boards and experience mapping with those who had not requested information materials. Bulletin boards were conducted with potential travelers segmented by their distance (tier) from the state of Texas.



Results revealed that distance was a significant segmentation variable, meaning the marketing strategies were somewhat different for those already in Texas (it’s a big state), those near Texas, and those who might fly to Texas. Additionally, experience mapping revealed some of the tools critical to the vacation-planning process that the State might employ to smooth the decision-making process. Ultimately, the insights from current and prospective visitors revealed the decision on the Travel Guide and its design and use elements, thus allowing the creative team to move forward swiftly and confidently.

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