Unhappy Asian air stewardess giving thumbs down gestureThe cost of flying is soaring with domestic airfare outpacing inflation, rising 2.7% compared to the 2.1% gain in the Consumer Price Index. In an Associated Press article Scott Mayerwitz reported that in the first six months of 2014 the average price of a round-trip ticket within the U.S., including taxes, reached $509.15, up nearly $14 from this same period last year. According to Associated Press analysis of data from the Airline Reporting Corps., which processes ticket transactions for airlines and more than 9,400 travel agencies, airfare has gone up 10.7% in the past years – after adjusting for inflation. “Airlines have reduced the number of seats while more people want to fly because of the economic recovery. All of this leads to higher airfares,” says Chuck Thackston, managing director of data and analytics at Airlines Reporting Corp. “This trend in airfares is likely to continue for the near future, as the economy continues to grow.”

Airfare is only part of the cost of flying, with many passengers paying extra to check their luggage, fast-track through security lines, board early or get extra legroom. These extras can cost anywhere from $9 to $299 per flight.

Most people are traveling for work, and when the economy is strong, they do more flying. Data released by the government shows that economic growth bounced back after a brutal winter, businesses are creating jobs at a steady pace and consumer spending is on rise. The Global Business Travel Association predicts that worldwide business travel will grow 6.9% this year to a record $1.18 trillion. The U.S. is the largest business travel market, with travelers spending $274 billion last year, a 4.5% increase over 2012.

With the cost of fuel going down – 7.2% less than last year, when adjusted for inflation – why aren’t passengers seeing any of those savings? The fact is that there are simply fewer choices today with only four major U.S. airlines – American, Delta, Southwest and United – controlling more than 80% of the domestic-air travel market. Discount airlines such as Allegiant and Spirit are making strides but still carry only a fraction of passengers. This control by the larger airlines allows them to charge more for tickets and not worry about being undercut by the competition. Additionally, the airlines are taking in about $3.3 billion a year in fees resulting in record profits. The airline’s trade and lobbying group Airlines for America says the carriers are not to blame but rather the government. Last year increased fees linked to the Transportation Security Administration took effect and these taxes and government fees still remain a portion of what passengers pay, up to 12% of the price of a round-trip ticket between New York and Seattle.


  • According to a U.S. Department of Energy report, the country’s energy grid loses about 10% of all electricity generated before it can get to consumers. (energy4me.com)
  • Renewables excluding large hydro projects accounted for 43.6% of the new generating capacity installed worldwide in 2013, raising its share of world electricity generation from 7.8% in 2012, to 8.5%. (unep.org)
  • The evolving energy landscape plays a significant role in non-metallic minerals, as the cement and flat glass industries are both highly energy-intensive industries. In cement, purchased fuels and electricity account for 46% of the total cost of materials used in the manufacturing process, and between 25-30% of the total cost of production. (usmayors.org)
  • The total installed wind capacity in the U.S. through the first quarter of 2014 was 61,327MW. Wind power is currently the fastest-growing source of electricity production in the world. (awea.org)
  • A hot water faucet that leaks one drop per second can add up to 165 gallons a month. That’s more water than the average person uses in two weeks. (class5energy.com)

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