Ink Conservation Project Takes a Big Bite Out of Famous Logos

There are many brands that have truly conquered the world, whose icons may be seen in just about every major city across the globe. There are Starbuck’s stores across the street from one another in Singapore and Houston, the Golden Arches appear in the most unusual places (there are more than 36,000 of them in more than 100 countries, after all), and Nike sells some 120,000,000 shoes annually.

These two branding behemoths and numerous others have made their marks on nearly every corner of the world. When you take into account the resources required to create a truly memorable logo, then print it on every item imaginable, the cost of doing so and the environmental impact cannot be ignored.

Parisian design project Ecobranding has come up with an easy solution by reworking branded designs in an eco-friendly, cost-effective, and modern way. By taking a bit of ink out of the bite of apple in the Mac logo, for example, Ecobranding estimates that it can reduce their ink use by 22%. When you stop and look at just how pervasive Apple products are, it’s easy to imagine how big of an impact a bit less ink could make.

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