Wireless-only Households
Hispanics Online
Blacks’ Radio Listening Habits
Cross Platform Video Viewers

Wireless-only Households

Almost one-quarter of households (22.7%) are wireless-only – meaning they do not have a landline phone – as of June 2009. Another 14.7% have landlines but get most calls on their wireless phones.

Hispanics Online

The online Hispanic population has an average age of 37, compared to the general online population’s average age of 46. They also have a smaller income ($50,000 vs. $75,000) and have more, and younger, children in contrast to the general population.

Their relative youth may explain why Hispanics are more likely than the general population to go online via mobile phones (32% vs. 20%) and gaming devices (18% vs. 11%). Online Hispanics are also more likely than the general online American population to view the Internet as:

Hispanics Online

Mobile News Followers

Some 53% of Americans have wireless access to the Internet through a laptop, cell phone or PDA. Of those with online access via their cell phone, 88% get news on their phones.

The most common items they access are:

  • Check weather reports (72%)
  • Get news and current events information (68%)
  • Download an application that allows them to access news, weather, and sports information on their phones  (49%)
  • Check sports scores and information (44%)
  • Get financial information or updates (32%)
  • Get news alerts by text or email on their phones

Source: “Online News Survey,” Pew Internet & American Life Project, 2010

Blacks’ Radio Listening Habits

Over all, more than 90% of Black Americans aged 12 and older listen to the radio. Time spent listening is an average of 16 hours a week, 45 minutes more than the average American. And, the older they are, the more time Blacks spend listening to the radio.

Most say their listening time is away from home between 6 a.m and midnight (6.6 hours per week) compared to at home (4.3 hours per week).

Black Audience Radio Station Format Preferences, By Location, 2009

Cross Platform Video Viewers

While two-thirds of Americans (66%) are TV set-only viewers and 6% watch only online, some 29% watch video both online and on TV sets. This dual viewing habit is called cross-platform.

Cross-platform video viewers are mostly age 35-49 (32%), followed by those ages 25-34 (30%), ages 18-24 (24%), ages 50-64 (13%) and those 65 years and older (2%).

Viewers say they prefer to watch certain genres on TV including sports (52%), news (42%), drama (49%), and comedy (44%). However, they don’t care which medium is used for lifestyle (49%), celebrity (50%) or reality programs (50%).

The reasons cross-platform viewers decide to watch video online include missing an episode on TV (71%), it is convenient (57%), it has fewer ads (38%), they like to watch past episodes (25%), they prefer the online experience (13%), and they do not subscribe to cable or do not have a TV (2%).


  • Americans spent $1.2 billion while shopping on mobile devices in 2009, almost triple the $363 million they spent in 2008.
  • More than two-thirds of Hispanics (68%) watched TV in Spanish during the prior day, and 64% watched TV in English.
  • About one in 10 households (11%) are considering canceling their pay-TV service since they have access to online video.

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