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After acquiring the Omniture business, Adobe Global Services organization needed to better understand what customers value (and are willing to pay for) from their Account Management relationship with Adobe. The client was prepared to develop a refined account management strategy and tiered benefits + pricing based on insights and needs defined by the limited-size customer account base. The project sought to answer three questions:

  • Which customer segments should receive enhanced account management services
  • What types of services customers should receive and how they want to consume it
  • How Adobe would deliver those services to the customer

The process began with qualitative interviews of key opinion leaders internally, followed by KOLs in tiered customer segments defined by Adobe. Critical factors defined in this phase directed the web survey’s development.

Once issues were defined, a quantitative online survey was conducted to gain a statistically-defined understanding of the value drivers, perceptions, brand promise components, and other areas that drive customer insight. Advanced quantitative techniques were utilized to determine the optimal product configuration.



Specific client tiers based on need, demand and pipeline planning formed clearly in the analysis, allowing the client to design account management programs that have value for each client while maintaining a cost effective support plan.

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