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This global oilfield tools and services client wanted to roll up its numerous divisional brands under a single corporate identity while ensuring that the division-relevant taglines and capabilities statements continued to resonate with its clients. The firm’s branding agency turned to Saurage Research to evaluate the credibility of its capabilities statements with employees, clients, and prospects globally.

The fast-paced research approach applied qualitative and quantitative methodologies to gather the information required to reach the following objectives:

  • Validate the new branding identity concepts among the four major groups under the Cameron corporate structure and among product lines within those groups.
  • Explore credibility and ‘fit’ of proof points for each product line with its target client audiences / commercial buyers.
  • Determine how easily the new corporate master brand ‘Cameron’ seats in customers’ perceptual profiles of Cameron.
  • Confirm positioning extendibility across product lines.
  • Provide information to allow Cameron to adjust brand roll-out to each product line for maximum favorable impact.

Over a two-month period, Saurage Research conducted telephone interviews and online bulletin boards with internal and external markets around the globe to better understand each division’s identity and to test the brand profile for that division. Web-based surveys were conducted with clients and employees to understand current positioning and to establish a metric for tracking the company’s positioning.



The research process highlighted client concerns about the global organization and prompted key adjustments to many of the brand profiles designed for each division. The new brand roll-out was successful in managing external expectations and, as a result, no client attrition occurred under the new branding program.

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