Simplify your brand, keep customers close at hand

Businesses that allow consumers more time to live their lives are thriving and nearly 64% of consumers are willing to pay for a more streamlined and simpler brand experience. Numerous successful businesses intentionally disrupt what may be perceived as an unnecessarily complicated customer-to-business interaction to entice customers.

Brands creating a more streamlined customer experience have an overall better brand image as people tend to prefer seamless, simpler and faster brand engagement. 64% of consumers are even willing to pay more for a simpler brand experience.

Margaret Molloy is Chief Marketing Officer and head of business development for Siegel+Gale, which performs an annual Global Brand Simplicity Index Study. In 2017, she reported “Our most precious resource is time and if a brand helps us save it, it will generate loyalty.”

A brand which has consistently delivered on this streamlined customer experience is the global discount supermarket store, Aldi, which maintains its simplicity by limiting the number of products in each category they carry (usually only two) and ensuring a consistent footprint in every store. This practice increases sales for each item.

Other brands like Dollar Shave Club, Uber, and Airbnb are known as disruptors because they disturb the market they serve by focusing their marketing and customer experience on limiting or eliminating the main pain points in the day-to-day customer-to-business experience. These businesses understand that by providing services to consumers when and where they need it most, it gives the customer more time outside the interaction and allows them to live their lives.

It is not just the message and content that have been streamlined; the ideal company logo has changed from a sometimes comical representation of a company name to a modernized, name-free icon that will fit on the face of a wearable device, e.g. AirB&B which began as Air Bed & Breakfast, and is now recognizable (for better or worse) as their Bélo graphic.


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