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Our Processes

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Comprehensive Assessments

No detail is too small.

We comb over your objectives, history, anything that might affect our research criteria. As a result, our approach will be more efficient. Our results, more relevant.

Quality Data

Accurate info, conveniently packaged for action.

Our experience and intuition will help cut through hidden agendas, smoke screens and manipulations. We know when to push, where to steer, and how to interpret the subtleties of response.

Executive Insights

Personal interviews with key leaders.

We’ll get the word from the top—actionable information from personal interviews with key executives. We know how to get the right people involved and make the most valuable use of their time.

Action Groups

Dynamic and useful discussions.

Having moderated over a thousand focus groups, we’ve learned a thing or two about putting people at ease, sparking lively discussions and, ultimately, generating information you can use. Like what motivates your customers and makes them reach for their wallets.

Provocative Findings

Identifying the marks of success.

We’ll help you establish a benchmark for your communications efforts with custom surveys that are succinct, interesting, and provocative.

Custom Explorations

Unique perspectives for unique circumstances.

Need something specific? We’ll tailor a study just for you, attacking the issue from both quantitative and qualitative vantage points.

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