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Key Findings

Key Findings

Saurage Research Key Findings explores content strategy, the mobile elite, wind power and gut bacteria.

On the Horizon Futures Report June 2014

Curated by Pamela McConathy Schied, MS, Futures Studies in Commerce, College of Technology, University of Houston; Principal, Foresight Communications Group, Oilfield Workers Testing Google Glass As part of a new pilot project, global energy giant Schlumberger is testing a customized version of Google Glass as part of a workflow management tool for oilfield workers […]

Key Findings September 2013

Small B2B Marketers and B2B Enterprise Marketers Bet Budgets on Content Marketing They may differ when it comes to focus and use of specific tactics, but according to a recent study, small B2B marketers (10-99 employees) and their B2B enterprise peers (1,000+ employees) continue to build marketing programs on a foundation of content.  For example, […]

Key Findings August 2013

Saurage Research provides the latest in marketing research statistics for B2B, Brand Strategy, Healthcare & Energy industries with interesting bullets.

June Key Findings: 2013

Inside B2B Market Segmentation Most business-to-business marketers know their jobs differ from their cohorts in the B2C realm. Yet, many may not understand specifically how these differences impact marketing strategies and tactics. One market research firm found that a closer look at these differences offered valuable insight into how marketers should approach B2B target audience […]

April Key Findings: 2013

Marketing research findings for B2B, Branding, Healthcare, and Energy industries. April 2013.

B2B Key Findings, April 2013

Think email marketing has gone the way of snail mail and the typewriter? Think again!

Brand Strategy Key Findings, April 2013

If you’re banking on using yesterday’s branding strategies and tactics, you’re likely to go broke! When it comes to marketing, what’s past is past and should stay there. So, just where are marketers headed in the near future with more of their social media dollars?

Energy Key Findings, April 2013

Solar Lessons from Hurricane Sandy Top weather forecasters predict an above-average 2013 Atlantic hurricane season (June 1 – November 30) and tell us that at least 18 tropical storms will form this year, of which nine will be hurricanes. The annual predictions by meteorologists at Colorado State University’s Tropical Meteorology Project warn that the tropical […]

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