Jump-Starting the EVolution

What will it take for Texans to fully embrace electric cars? One primary obstacle is ‘range anxiety,’ the fear that the car will run out of battery power before the driver can find a charging station. Jack Cannata is betting that his company’s marketing program can alleviate that anxiety.

eVgo is leading the electric car charging eVolution with a $150 million commitment to build hundreds of eVgo Freedom Station sites and thousands of individual eVgo Level 2 charging stations at homes, offices, multi-family communities and more throughout major metropolitan cities in Texas and California and the Mid-Atlantic region. Join us on May 8th to hear how their infrastructure and marketing strategies will ‘charge’ the conversion to electric cars.

Watch VIDEOS from eVgo’s national product launch, winner of three AMA Crystal Awards!


Jack Cannata

VP of Marketing and Sales


Jack Cannata





eVgo is this nation’s first, privately funded electric vehicle charging ecosystem, and its mission is to build out a network of charging solutions for owners of electric cars.

Jack is responsible for consumer sales and marketing of the electric vehicle service agreements for eVgo. eVgo is a wholly owned subsidiary of NRG Energy, Inc, a Fortune 300 company


Wednesday, May 8th


Junior League of Houston
1811 Briar Oaks Lane
Houston, TX 77027

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